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Marketing funnel and forecast template

Enable smarter and swifter business decisions with an easy-to-follow funnel report & forecast template

  • Track full funnel reporting by source by stage
  • Clearly understand growth and conversion monthly trends by source by stage
  • Use monthly growth and conversion trends to forecast incremental inbound ARR

The template includes both in-month and cohort reporting templates.  In-month funnel analysis shows you how many prospects or accounts got to a certain stage in each month, while a cohort report tracks a certain group of contacts as they make their way through each stage of the funnel.

In-Month Reporting

  • Track full funnel reporting by source by stage

    Input relevant data by source by stage

    The first step is to pull in the relevant data by source by stage from HubSpot or other relevant systems to the “In-Month Data” tab. Once you pull in the data and drop it in the yellow area on the spreadsheet, you’ll be able to start looking at conversion rates by month by source and stage.

  • Summarize monthly data

    Easily identify trends for decision making

    Once you have inputted the relevant data, you can view monthly trends by source by stage on the “In-Month: Summary” tab.  With a formatted monthly view, you can start to answer questions such as:

    • What is the trend in terms of growth?
    • What is happening overall from a conversion perspective over time?
    • How are these conversion rates changing month over month? What is the percentage change?
    • How is this data trending by month by source by stage?


  • Use monthly growth and conversion trends to forecast incremental inbound ARR

    Input key growth, conversion rate, and ACV assumptions

    Using this historical monthly trend data as context, you can forecast incremental inbound ARR  on the “In-Month: Forecast” tab.  Forecasting accurately relies on the following key levers as assumptions:

    • What do we think is the future growth in web traffic based on your historical data?
    • What growth do you expect for conversion rates across each stage?
    • What do you anticipate as monthly growth in the forecast period for your ACV (average annual contract value)?

    Input these assumptions in the yellow cells on the spreadsheet.

    Once the assumptions are updated, the forecast below will update – using the growth in web traffic, conversion rates and ACV to go from forecasted web traffic to incremental inbound ARR.

    If you have a primarily outbound motion, you can start the forecast with leads as the source instead of web traffic.

  • (Optional) Build an ARR bridge

    Include Upsell, Downsell & Churn assumptions to build out a full ARR bridge

    Building out a true ARR bridge that includes a set of assumptions for upsell, downsell and churn can help planning discussions with your finance team and other partners.

  • Build multiple scenarios into your forecast

    Easily address all the "what if" scenarios

    During live discussions, quickly toggle between base, upside, and downside cases on the “In-Month: Forecast – cases” tab.

Cohort Reporting

  • Track full funnel reporting by stage by cohort

    Understand true conversion rates as a cohort makes it way through the funnel stages

    Cohort reporting tracks individual contacts as they make their way through the funnel stages. Contacts are grouped into cohorts based on the month that they joined a certain stage (relevant stage defined by the user).  Cohort reporting is more relevant for longer sales cycle businesses where contacts are not moving through the funnel in one month. To use the template, input contact level data, including when they entered each stage, on the “Cohort: Data” tab. As currently setup, the template will group customers based on when they joined the “Lead” stage.  On the “Cohort: Summary” tab, you can see how each of your cohorts move through the funnel, including conversion rates and how long it takes for contacts to move from one stage to another.

Additional Resources

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