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High-impact spreadsheet and finance training for individuals and teams.


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to the next level

Expert trainers

Taught by experienced professionals with a passion for teaching.

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Tools to solve real-world problems, tailored to your business.

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Live training with interactive examples to build skills in real time.

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Practical help applying course content to your job.


Founder speaks

Katie Fifer

Founder and Lead Instructor at Recalc Academy

“Fast, effective data analysis in Excel or Google Sheets is core to so many jobs today. But after leaving private equity, I realized how few people have access to the necessary tools to master these critical skills.

I started Recalc to deliver the highly practical training needed for team and career transformation.


Recalc reviews

“The Recalc Academy course is the single most popular perk we’ve offered. I can’t tell you how many thank yous I’ve gotten, all for offering a course that actually helps them perform better!”

Maile Lesica

COO, Fellow


Spreadsheet Tips

spreadsheet tips


Search in Google Sheets (You’ll suddenly love Sheets)

Use Search in Google Sheets to quickly access any formatting and any functionality. Option + / on a Mac and Alt + / on PC

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