PowerPoint Fundamentals

Presenting data effectively

Hands-on practical course for creating clean, effective presentations quickly

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3 live classes
90 minutes each
1:1 office hours
Video recordings

What you’ll learn

The Fundamentals

Tips and tricks to avoid frustration and quickly create effective slides

  • Text editing must-haves
  • Creating and editing shapes and images
  • Leveraging SmartArt effectively
Presenting data

Creating tables and charts

  • Using tables to effectively organize information
  • Creating charts natively in PowerPoint
Bringing it all together

Building a great presentation

  • General presentation guidelines
  • Creating slides from scratch
  • Quick reference checklists

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Past participants found the course "very good and relevant" and "very beneficial regarding dealing with data in charts and tables."
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Our team members love Recalc training. It has become a favorite part of our ongoing professional development.
Recalc training is an innovative and practical way to acquire the skills needed for success in a PE environment. Katie tailored a curriculum for our portfolio company CFOs and they’ve seen immediate benefit.
Highly recommend classes with the Recalc Academy! I have taken several and find each to provide valuable and actionable insights I was immediately able to apply to my day-to-day work life. The extra office hours are such a wonderful perk to get more personalized and one-on-one training.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the PowerPoint course

  • How does the course work?

    Each course is taught over multiple highly-interactive Zoom-based classes. They are designed so you can follow along in your own PowerPoint presentation and try out what you’re learning during the class. Participants can also attend individual office hours to help connect in-class concepts to their real work.

  • Can I arrange training for my team?

    Yes, we primarily offer training for corporate and investment teams. Please book a call with our instructor Suzanne here or email support@recalcacademy.com to discuss and schedule your team’s training

  • Can you tailor the content to my business?

    Yes, we are happy to incorporate your company’s data or other examples that are relevant to your business to make it highly relatable and impactful for your team. If appropriate, we can use your company’s PowerPoint template to create the class examples.

  • How much does training cost?

    Our standard open enrollment Fundamentals courses cost $595 / participant. Please book a call with our instructor Suzanne here or email support@recalcacademy.com to discuss custom team training and packages.

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