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An easy, simple to use headcount tracking template

Our easy-to-use and update headcount tracking template includes two tabs – an input tab and a summary tab.  The input tab is where you insert your employee roster data.  The summary tab includes:

  • YTD summary by team: actuals and vs. plan
  • Monthly summary of entries, exists, and total headcount by team: Actuals and vs. plan
  • Chart illustrating monthly changes by team

Quickly update the template in 5 steps:

Steps Detailed explanation
Upload census data Input tab: Insert census data in yellow highlighted columns
Update start and end dates for analysis Summary tab: Enter desired starting month and ending month in cells D12 and D13
Insert YTD plan numbers Summary tab: Enter YTD Plan for entries and total headcount in Z22 - Z41 & Z72 - Z91 respectively
Regroup columns to reflect relevant date range Summary tab: Regroup columns M - X to reflect relevant date range
Refresh filter to only show relevant rows Summary tab: Refresh filter in cell A19 by re-selecting "1" in the drop-down




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