Intro LBO Modeling

Master accounting fundamentals & build LBO model from scratch
Part 1 of Private Equity Modeling
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What you’ll learn

Intro LBO Modeling

Three 2-Hour Classes

  • Accounting fundamentals
  • Basic LBO Model from scratch
  • Back-of-the-envelope LBO math compared to the full model

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Everything you need to know about the Intro LBO Modeling course
Part 1 of the Private Equity Modeling course

  • What is the structure of the course?

    Intro LBO Modeling is Part 1 of the Private Equity Modeling course and is comprised of three 2-hour sessions for a total of 6-hours of training.  You can sign-up for just this individual section, or if you are interested in the full Course – see the relevant page here

    The classes are highly-interactive Zoom-based classes. They are designed so you can follow along in your own materials and try out what you’re learning during the class.

  • What is the pricing for the course?

    $1,250 per person

  • What if I cannot attend a session live?

    While we highly encourage live attendance to get the most out of the training, class recordings will be available to review following each session.

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I took Recalc’s Modeling Bootcamp to help me prepare for my private equity interviews. I finished the classes feeling more capable and confident to go through the process and join a deal team.
I studied for IB and PE interviews on my own, and through that process increased my understanding of accounting and modeling, but I still felt like there were gaps in my knowledge. Taking Recalc courses bridged those gaps and prepared me for my upcoming interviews. Recalc courses were interactive and easy to digest and follow. Instructors would always stay after class to answer any questions I had and ensure that the material covere was understood.
Recalc training is an innovative and practical way to acquire the skills needed for success in a PE environment.
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