Private Equity Associate Training

Strengthen Excel, accounting and modeling skills.
8 live classes
2 hours each
1:1 office hours
Video recordings
and practice exercises

What you’ll learn

Efficient excel analysis
  • New dynamic arrays (unique, filter, sort, transpose functions)
  • Customer cohort analysis
Accounting fundamentals
  • Examples to review how P&L, BS, CF fit together. Includes NWC, PP&E, non-cash interest, financing cost
  • Cash conversion cycle and NWC days
Back-of-the-envelope model review
  • Build intuition for returns drivers by calculating approximate returns quickly and comparing to full model build
Cap tables & returns waterfalls
  • Cap table evolution from company founding through late-stage funding
  • Private equity management options (time & performance)
ARR bridge and ASC 606 basics
  • Software-specific accounting considerations
  • ARR bridge to analyze retention and churn
Model deep dive & add-ons
  • Detailed model include more complex debt schedules, covenant considerations
  • Modeling add-on acquisitions

Interested in a future training?

Our team members love Recalc training. It has become a favorite part of our ongoing professional development.
Recalc training is an innovative and practical way to acquire the skills needed for success in a PE environment. Katie tailored a curriculum for our portfolio company CFOs and they’ve seen immediate benefit.
Highly recommend classes with the Recalc Academy! I have taken several and find each to provide valuable and actionable insights I was immediately able to apply to my day-to-day work life. The extra office hours are such a wonderful perk to get more personalized and one-on-one training.

Frequently asked questions

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