Private Equity Associate Training

Strengthen Excel, accounting and modeling skills.
For new private equity and growth equity associates.

8 live classes
2 hours each

1:1 office hours
when you need them

Video recordings
and practice exercises

What you’ll learn

Efficient excel analysis

  • New dynamic arrays (unique, filter, sort, transpose functions)
  • Customer cohort analysis

Accounting fundamentals

  • Examples to review how P&L, BS, CF fit together. Includes NWC, PP&E, non-cash interest, financing cost
  • Cash conversion cycle and NWC days

Back-of-the-envelope model review

  • Build intuition for returns drivers by calculating approximate returns quickly and comparing to full model build

Cap tables & returns waterfalls

  • Cap table evolution from company founding through late-stage funding
  • Private equity management options (time & performance)

ARR bridge and ASC 606 basics

  • Software-specific accounting considerations
  • ARR bridge to analyze retention and churn

Model deep dive & add-ons

  • Detailed model include more complex debt schedules, covenant considerations
  • Modeling add-on acquisitions

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How do the courses work?

Each course is taught over multiple highly-interactive Zoom-based classes. They are designed so you can follow along in your own spreadsheet and try out what you’re learning during the class. Participants can also attend individual office hours to help connect in-class concepts to their real work.

Can I arrange training for my team?

Yes, we primarily offer training for corporate and investment teams. Please contact us at to discuss and schedule training for your team.

I am not part of a team. Can I still join training?

Yes, we offer training for individuals and we always have a few upcoming courses. Please visit our upcoming courses page or contact us at

I use Google Sheets. Can I still take this training?

Yes! We teach Excel and Google Sheets. And if you feel like you lost efficiency by moving from Excel to Google Sheets, we’re here to help! You’ll learn the shortcuts and formulas to help you save time and learn to love Sheets.

I use a Mac. Can I still take this training?

Yes! We teach PC and Mac users.

Can you tailor the content to my business?

Yes, we are happy to incorporate your company’s data or other examples that are relevant to your business to make it highly relatable and impactful for your team.

How much does training cost?

Please reach out to us at for more information on courses and pricing.

I’m not sure I’m ready to take a course. Can I try any free classes?

Yes, you can try our free weekly classes to experience our teaching first-hand. Check out our Try A Class page for upcoming times.

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