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Enigma provides comprehensive intelligence about the identity and financial health of small and medium businesses across the United States.

Why Spreadsheet Training

Take their skills to the next level to save time and improve analysis capability on the marketing team

Why Recalc

Curated curriculum, easy-to-follow expert instruction, succinct class schedule, and relevance to both Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel

Key takeaways:

  • Gauging interest for spreadsheet training often uncovers unmet opportunity to increase team effectiveness and efficiency 
  • Small ways to automate regular tasks can really add up and save the team time
Sara Nady

Business Development Representative

The course definitely made me more efficient, made me quicker. And for some of the basic stuff too that you don’t even notice, but now I have a way to automate, or make it easier for myself. And those little things add up

The Customer:

Enigma provides accurate, timely data about the identity and financial health of every U.S. business. By engineering better data from hundreds of public and third-party sources, Enigma tells the complete story of every business, so that companies of every size can access the financial services they need to grow and thrive.

Why Spreadsheet Training?

The marketing team uses Excel and Google Sheets often to analyze data in various formats, including contact lists and events reporting. Although the team had some prior training and experience using spreadsheets, they knew there was an opportunity to take their skills to the next level to save time and improve their analyses.

Sara Nady

Business Development Representative

I do have some background [in spreadsheets], but I wanted to further that more because there’s just so much we can do and so much time we can save. The more efficient and quicker I can get through lists and data, the better it will help me do my job. I knew I wanted to take my Excel knowledge to the next level.

Why Recalc?

Stephanie Spiegel, VP of People, was first introduced to Recalc training through People Leader Accelerator (PLA), the premier development program for strategic HR leaders of high growth organizations. After attending a free class offered to PLA participants, Stephanie thought it was  a great fit for the organization and gauged interest through the company Slack, resulting in many positive responses and, ultimately, training sign-ups. The Enigma team found that Recalc’s easy-to-follow interactive instruction, curated curriculum, succinct class schedule, and Google Sheets and Excel relevancy made the training a success.

Blair Dawson

B2B Marketing Manager, Demand Generation

I think the course would be really helpful for anyone that’s working in any kind of spreadsheets on a regular basis. Recalc did a great job of getting into the basics, but then also getting into more advanced situations. It catered to everyone in the room, no matter what level they came in at.

Curated curriculum relevant across levels

From shortcuts to increase their speed to formulas, like Filter, to automate otherwise manual processes, the team found the class content immediately applicable and relevant to their work. 

Sara Nady

Business Development Representative

The class was very helpful, informative, educational, and also extensive. I became more efficient with how I divide up my time going through lists with thousands of contacts. If I want to research something, or if I want to calculate something, or filter by specific titles, I can do it with confidence.

Easy-to-follow, interactive instruction taught by expert instructor

The team enjoyed the interactive teaching style in which they practiced live alongside the instructor. Being able to hear the instruction while doing the exercises at the same time with the ability to ask questions helped solidify the class concepts and apply them afterwards. They thought Katie did an excellent job of explaining the key concepts while being receptive and patient with questions.

Relevant to both Excel and Google Sheets

The marketing team often finds themselves going back and forth between Excel and Google Sheets, so being able to take a course that covered both was critical. All of Recalc’s spreadsheet courses cover both Excel and Google Sheets, Mac and PC combinations. 

Succinct class schedule

The class structure of three 90-minute live classes over the span of a week fit well within the Enigma team’s schedule – the length of each class was the right amount of time to be able to dig in to the material, ask questions, and really understand the topics covered, while also fitting into the team’s busy workday. 

Blair Dawson

B2B Marketing Manager, Demand Generation

I appreciated the format of the class in that it was not so short that you couldn’t get in depth. I thought it was just long enough to really understand things and be able to ask questions.

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