Transportation, Logistics, Supply Chain, and Storage

Number of Employees


Who Attended Training

14 members of the data science team

Recalc Courses

Finance Fundamentals, Private Equity Modeling, Spreadsheet Fundamentals 1 & 2, Business Analysis, SQL Fundamentals

At a Glance

The Customer

Lineage is the world’s largest provider of temperature-controlled logistics solutions. 

Why Training

Lineage’s data science team fosters a culture of investing in skill development and career growth and offers training programs to equip their team members with stronger financial acumen and spreadsheet analysis skills. 

Why Recalc

Interactive and engaging experience, concise and well-structured curriculum, personal, ongoing support.

Key takeaways:

  • Strengthening financial acumen and being able to “speak the language” empowers employees to effectively prioritize their own work and secure resourcing and funding for the most impactful projects bringing more value to the organization
  • Engaging content taught in live and immersive sessions fosters the educational experience, driving better absorption and adoption of content (as compared to watching a recording) 
  • Learning new skills immediately applicable to one’s career is a critical dimension upon which employees feel like they are “moving forward,” directly impacting retention 

The Customer:

Lineage is the world’s largest provider of temperature-controlled logistics solutions. Their infrastructure, global network of 400+ facilities, and expertise in end-to-end logistical solutions and technology support their partners in increasing distribution efficiency, advancing sustainability, and minimizing supply chain waste. 

Why Training?

To stay ahead of the game in the ever-evolving food logistics industry, Lineage encourages its team members to immerse themselves in the latest research, attend conferences, broaden their horizons, and continually sharpen their skill sets. Elliott Wolf, VP and Chief Data Scientist at Lineage identified building business and financial acumen as a key area of professional development for his team made up of physicists, engineers, and technical project managers. The ability to prioritize and fund projects is crucial with numerous projects on the table, ranging from new control systems to on-site energy generation to predictive maintenance. The team must possess the critical skills to effectively “speak the language”, collaborate with finance partners, accurately forecast in Excel, and understand the value and risks of these projects to effectively prioritize and take these projects from proof of concept to implementation. When armed with these new business skills, the team is empowered to drive forward the highest impact projects that contribute to the success of the company. 

Jash Vora

Technical Program Manager

A big part of my role apart from scouting technologies is actually getting the financing for them internally. And so in order to do that, I need to be able to accurately forecast energy savings and forecast valuations of pilots that we do. When we go to our internal finance team, we need to explain what the payback, the IRR, for certain projects looks like. And so just being able to speak that language and understanding where our projects fit into the bottom line of the company, bridging that gap is super important

Why Recalc?

Lineage conducted informal training sessions in-house but found it challenging to maintain a training program with depth and breadth.  When the team discovered Recalc training, they were excited about the opportunity it presented. The training offered structured, relevant content in an engaging and immersive learning experience. Compared to previous external training, which consisted of static, videotaped lectures, Recalc training provided live sessions where participants could “interject, ask questions, and participate”, which makes for an “immersive educational experience” instead of passively watching a video. 

Interactive and engaging learning experience

Participants “highly appreciated” Recalc’s real-time demonstrations and hands-on exercises during live training. The training format allowed for team-bonding interactions and provided a solid foundation in the fundamentals of financial terms, business and P&L models, and more efficient use of spreadsheets. Participants could engage in discussions and ask questions, so they were never “left on their own” to figure out the concepts. Overall, Recalc’s training left attendees with a better understanding of the bigger picture and improved financial vocabulary.

A well-structured, concise curriculum

Recalc’s approach to teaching is unique in that it places a strong emphasis on explaining the “why” behind the concepts. This approach is as valuable as mastering tactical skills. The courses are well-structured and are delivered within a 90-minute timeframe, striking a perfect balance that resonates with the participants. The content is thoughtfully condensed and organized, allowing participants to challenge themselves and build upon their existing knowledge without feeling overwhelmed. This method fosters a comprehensive understanding of the concepts and encourages participation to enhance the learning experience.

Personal support through small class sizes and office hours

Recalc offered smaller, live classes that created a more intimate atmosphere for participants to comfortably ask questions among their peers. As an ongoing support, Recalc was accessible through emails or office hours to answer any questions and foster a positive learning environment for participants. Additionally, the video recordings and guides provided after the course helped participants adopt the concepts and apply them in practical situations.

Kennedy Kong

Technical Project Manager

It’s very interactive. I enjoy that it is a face-to-face meeting and the fact that we have kind of a reference guide with us as we go along. I do enjoy the fact that it’s also being recorded and the recording has been provided to us just so that we can look back at it. 

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