Forest products

Number of Employees


Who Attended Training

Sales, marketing and supply chain employees

Recalc Courses

Spreadsheet courses, PowerPoint Fundamentals

At a Glance

The Customer

Privately-held forest products company with approximately 3,500 employees, 600,000 acres of forestland, and 15 manufacturing facilities around the country.

Why Training

Surveyed their commercial employees about what they need to be successful and spreadsheet and powerpoint training were top answers

Why Recalc

Live, interactive classes, ongoing support, and applicable content

Key takeaways:

  • Do the research and poll the audience about training. Not just the managers, poll the users at all levels 
  • Get leadership buy-in and support
  • Have the right number of training options. You want a good selection and variety without overwhelming your audience

The Customer:

Roseburg Forest Products is a privately-held forest products company with approximately 3,500 employees, 600,000 acres of forestland, and 15 manufacturing facilities around the country.

Why Training?

With a strong commitment to professional development and training, Roseburg set a specific goal for its commercial employees to complete at least 2 training sessions during the year, which they wildly outperformed. 

As part of that training program, Roseburg surveyed its’ commercial employees (comprising marketing, sales and supply chain) and Excel and PowerPoint training came up as one of the top training needs. 

Excel is frequently used as a tool in the company for everything from simple price pages to more complex analysis, while some users lacked confidence in their ability to effectively leverage formulas and move past manual inputs.

Roseburg uses a company template for their internal and external presentations, but still found variability in final presentations based on employees’ ability to manage text, tables, charts & images within PowerPoint.

Why Recalc?

When deciding on which training program to offer its employees, the Company evaluated multiple different options – from static videos to in-person training, and found that Recalc’s format of live, interactive sessions was the best fit for its employees. The training manager also attended a free session to increase his understanding of the learning environment for his employees. 

Live, interactive classes

Roseburg appreciated Recalc’s live, interactive sessions. In particular, they enjoyed Recalc’s participatory teaching style and receptiveness to questions and comments through class sessions to facilitate participants’ active learning. They also found that learning alongside each other in a live, interactive environment is a great opportunity to grow together as a team.

Ongoing support

With all of our courses, Recalc offers 1:1 office hours following the course sessions to allow participants an opportunity to follow up with any questions, or use the time to review an actual example from their work.  These office hour sessions are an important part of the offering for participants to learn the skills and then apply them in their own spreadsheet analysis.

Applicable content

With courses offered for different levels of expertise and real-world examples used throughout class, the Roseburg team found the content applicable to their everyday work and easy and concise to navigate.

Learn more about our new PowerPoint Fundamentals class!

After successfully piloting the PowerPoint Fundamentals course with the Roseburg team, we are excited to officially launch the course. The PowerPoint Fundamentals course is a 3 session, live virtual hands-on course to learn how to efficiently create clean, effective presentations. Learn more about the course here

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