Free live class for Excelformulabot users

Intro To Excel & Sheets
Wednesday, January 25th at 3pm EST

Join us for a free 1-hour class where you’ll learn the basics of how to navigate and work in Excel and Google Sheets. We’ll walk through keyboard shortcuts, linking and locking cells and teach you some of the main formulas that you can use in your job right away.

Instructor: Katie Fifer

Katie Fifer - Instructor
Katie brings over a decade of investing experience at Audax Group and Paxion Capital as well as a passion for teaching as founder at Recalc Academy.

What you’ll learn from this class:

  • Build comfort in Excel/Sheets and save time dealing with lists of data
  • Summarize data using formulas like SUMIFS and COUNTIFS
  • How to navigate in a spreadsheet without using your mouse

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