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Discussion Summary

Creating “GPTs”  – personalized no-code AI assistants built using ChatGPT

  • Overview of GPTs
    • Tailored AI assistants built with natural language
    • Includes opportunity to personalize using additional knowledge and data as key inputs, tailoring the style/tone/structure of the response, and including Actions through interactions with other apps
    • Privacy, confidentiality and data loss prevention are priorities for businesses. Do not put sensitive data in GPTs
  • Creating a GPT
    • Key steps included writing a prompt, uploading knowledge documents, choosing capabilities, and iteratively testing/refining the assistant
    • Spend time crafting a detailed prompt to get the desired GPT behavior. This requires experimentation and patience
  • Connect GPTs to external apps like Zapier through “Actions,” allowing automation of workflows
    • These actions can still be buggy
  • Best practices
    • Do not upload sensitive data to public GPTs
    • Experiment, experiment, experiment
    • Spend time on the prompt and leverage ChatGPT to do so

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